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What you should know about mortgages in The Netherlands

Although rules may be changing (we will see after the result of the Dutch elections on September 2012) buying property in the Netherlands can still be attractive for expats, because it is one of the few countries in Europe where you get tax relief on interest on a mortgage. This means the vast majority of people will borrow the maximum amount, allowing them to  make better use of any other capital they have on deposit. 

Normally we would only recommend that you consider buying a property in the Netherlands if you can see yourself staying here for the medium to long-term. Each individual situation is different however.

Some Key Facts

As an EU-resident you can apply for the full amount necessary to purchase a house (purchase price + approximately 10% additional costs) .

As a non-EU citizen you can apply in some cases for the full amount. 100% of the value under foreclosure (being approximately 90% market value) is more common.

Depending upon your age you can borrow for up to 30 years. Interest paid on a loan for your primary residence is tax refundable.

You can fix rates up to 30 years if you prefer. Variable rates are also possible.

Banks issue loans on the basis of three principal indicators; a personal assessment, the mortgaged property and assessment of your financial position.

The increase of the value of your property is tax free (no capital gains tax, provided it is your main residence).

Rates and terms can vary from one bank to the next over the years we have developed great relationships with several mortgage providers that understand the specifics of buying a house as an expat in The Netherlands.




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